Choose Your Mint Experience

Blaze offers two mint experiences.

There are two mint experiences to choose from:

  • Refundable: Blaze's innovative minting mechanism facilitated by Blast's design

  • Traditional: the regular NFT minting experience

Refundable Mints

A collection minted with the Refundable mint configuration allows holders to exchange their NFT for that NFT’s mint price (in ETH) after the specified lock-up period (e.g. 30 days) ends.

Collectors can also choose to renounce their right to a refund at any time. This action unlocks the respective mint price for that specific NFT and sends it from the lock-up escrow account to the creator. A collector may want to renounce their refund to support the creator or to gain access to benefits gated by renunciation, like airdrops or exclusive experiences.

All the funds generated by the collection’s mint are locked in an escrow account for the duration of the lock-up period, with all the Blast-native yield from those funds going to the creator. The creator can claim their earnings from the yield at any time through the Blaze Creator Portal.

Once the lock-up period ends, users can choose to exchange their NFT for the original mint price paid for that NFT.

Once exchanged for a refund, the NFT is listed on the Blur marketplace for mint price. It immediately enters a linear Dutch auction, and the listing price decreases by 10% every 24 hours until a buyer is found.

Funds that do not get claimed after the lock-up period ends will remain locked in escrow indefinitely, securing the network and earning yield for the creator.

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