Collection Details

This page walks you through the fields pertaining to your collection's details.

  • COLLECTION NAME: this is the name of your collection (e.g. Blaze Ninjas)

  • COLLECTION SYMBOL: this is the ticker for the ERC721 token. We recommend picking a 3 or 4 character ticker (e.g. $BLZ or $BLZE)

  • DESCRIPTION: a short description of your collection (e.g. Blaze Ninjas is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated PFPs)

  • IMAGE: this is your collection's image, which will show up on the Blaze mint page as well as secondary marketplaces.

  • BANNER: this is a banner that will be displayed on the Blaze mint page for your collection.

  • OWNER ADDRESS: this is the wallet address that owns the collection. Please make sure to set this as your own wallet address, so you can ensure that you are the owner of your collection. If you set this as an address that you do not have access to, you will not retain ownership of your collection and will be unable to manage it.

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