NFT Launchpad

Launch your NFT collection in under a minute with the Blaze Launchpad.

Creators and artists can use the permissionless Blaze NFT launchpad to create and launch their own collections in under a minute with no code required.

Collections that mint using Blaze are not necessarily endorsed by the Blaze team. We want to work together with a curated group of creators to amplify their launches, but more importantly, we want to open up the Blaze protocol for everyone to use and create their own collections.

To create a collection on Blaze, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Blaze website and click Create Collection

  2. Upload all the assets for your collection, which includes the PNG files for the images and the JSON files for the metadata.

  3. Fill out the relevant details for your collection.

  4. Click on Upload & Deploy, and get ready for the mint to go live!

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