Adding a whitelist to your collection's mint.

To add a whitelist to your collection's mint, navigate to the "Advanced" section of the collection creation page.

Click on the Add Whitelist button.

Edit the following settings as you please:

  • MINT PRICE: mint price for the Whitelist phase. This can be the same or different from the Public phase.

  • MINTS PER ADDRESS: number of mints permitted per address (e.g. 3 mints per address means the address is eligible to mint 3 NFTs in total)

  • MINTS PER TX: number of mints per transaction (e.g. if set at 10, it means users will be able to mint 10 NFTs per transaction)

  • MINT START: start time for the mint.

  • MINT END: end time for the mint.

  • .CSV / .TXT OF ADDRESSES: a .csv or .txt file of the addresses included on the Whitelist. These will be the addresses eligible to mint during the Whitelist phase.

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